Selection Certificate

After Publish an official selection list you can collect your selection laurel from festival website. You will get selection certificate if you participate the festival event or you can collect digital certificate from festival website after close the event.

Honorable Mention Award

Honurable mention is official accreditation only. After publish the honurable mention award list, winner can collect this certificate from festival venue or collect a digital certificate from the festival website.

Award Winner

We give Award Trophy and Certificate in the closing ceremony. Award winner or on behalf of winner can receive the award. We never pay any award carring cost. If you want digital certificate you contact to the festival office.

Cinemaking  International Film Festival 
try to make a happy world.

you can finding here are lots of opportunity.

Selection Processing


Story is a life of film.


Best film is definatly artistic and good camera work with light.

Social Respoblibislity

We ensuring to all selected film’s is harm or good for society.

Director’s Vews

Director is a key person of film, so try to know what are saying director on his film.

Independent selection committee are select only very very good film for official selection.

Film Judgement for Award

The Secret of Award

Awards are given for the best film judged by independent juries. The jurors selected the best film based on several criteria. such as Camera Work, Artistic Scene, Music Sense, Social Message. Best categories award for best performance were giving from official competition section. Non-competition section have not any award.


Camera work is most important for best film award in the CIFF.


Music is like the breath exchange of films. Film music is highly needed.


Artistic films represent society from age to age.

MESSAGES for Society

A film that does not benefit for society, it is as like a full sack of rotting rubbish.


The Secret of Success

CinemaKing International Film Festival has been lots of succes. Blew here 

Photo Gellary

You can see our last editions picture.

Vedio Gellary

Award giving and cultural events vedios


We publish every edtion catagloge 

News and Review

Bangladeshi and International Media cover lots of news.

The award-winning films of the CIFF have won the National Film Awards of the respective countries. Films awarded at the CIFF have also won National Film Awards in Bangladesh. Last 2 Edition Indian National Award won CIFF Awarded films.

About CinemaKing International Film Festival

CIFF- has been recognized as the best film festival of Bangladesh and the most prestigious film festival in South Asia. It has become known of the given by awarding the world’s best films in the judgment of independent juries.

It is the only Bangladeshi institution as the organizer of the festival with the participation of more than a hundred countries. CIFF 2’nd Edition in 2021 here are participated 120 countries with Bangladesh.


The CIFF 4’th Edition is ongoing, it will be held on 27’th to 30’th December, 2023

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My heading is awesome

My heading is awesome

CinemaKing International Film Festival Started My 31, 2018. The Event held on 24’th to 26’th December, 2020. It is the first edition were are 54 countries are participated with 176 films.

1’s Edition

Participated countries 54, Films 176

CinemaKing International Film Festival 2021 is the Second Edition of the Festival. It was held on 3’rd to 6’th Janury, 2022. The CIFF second Edition were participated 121 countries with 1000 films.

2’nd Edition

Participated countries 121, Film 1000

3’rd Cinemaking International Film Festival 2022 were partiicpated 83 countries with 400 films. This edition was late, it was held on 21’st to 24’th March, 2023. 

3’rd Edition

Participated countries 83,  film 400

4’th Cinemaking International Film Festival 2023 were partiicpated 76 countries with 351 films. This edition was late, it was held on 16th to 29th February, 2024. 

4’th Edition

 Participated Countries 76,   Films 351

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The Chief Guest is Hon’ble Minister of Fisheries and livestock of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh His Excellency SM Rezaul Karim MP
The Chief Guest is Hon’ble Minister of Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Her Excellency Dr. Dipu Moni MP

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Largest international film festival distributor from Asia.
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CinemaKing Internaitonal Film Festival are allaways Appointed Internatinal Independent Jury

Team Member


Team Member


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Latest news from CIFF

you can see here all time update news from CinemaKing International film festival.

CinemaKing International fIlm festival 2022 is the third edition of the CIFF. 81 Countries were are participated.   
CinemaKing International fIlm festival 2021 is the second edition of the CIFF. 121 Countries were are participated.     

Monjurul Islam Megh is a Bangladesh Government’s feature film grand wining Screenwriter, Filmmaker (He is the first winner of this award who are under 30). Megh is the worldwide Film, Writing and Humanitarian personality. Megh emerged as a powerful voice in Bangladesh’s Literary, Film, Arts and Social Activities in the early 2008. He is an honorable member of National and International Organizations. He was participated lots of an International Film Festival as Jury/ Coordinator/ Delegate and also participated in an International Literature/Arts Festival and Social Activities.

Also he is a Poet, Researcher, Journalist, Painter, Graphic & Web Designer, Motivational Speaker, Social Leader and Entrepreneur. He is a Founder of the CINEMAKING INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL