Awards & Prize of Cinemaking International Film Festival (CIFF)

Competition on Future Film > Award Trophy and Certificate

Awards from International competition:
(1) Best International Film
(2) Best International Director

(3) Best Asian Film
(4) Best Asian Director

(5) Best European Film
(6) Best European Director

(7) Best American Film
(8) Best American Director

(9) Best African Film
(10) Best African Director

Awards from Bangladeshi competition:
(11) Best Bangladeshi Film
(12) Best Bangladeshi Director

Awards from Indian Panorama:
(11) Best Indian Film
(12) Best Indian Director

(13) Best Screenplay
(14) Best Cinematography
(15) Best Original Score
(14) Best Editor
(17) Best International Actor (Male)
(18) Best International Actress (Female)
(19) Best Bangladeshi Actor (Male)
(20) Best Bangladeshi Actress (Female)

Short Film Section:
(21) Best International Short Film
(22) Best Bangladeshi Short Film

Mobile Film Section:
(23) Best International Mobile Film
(24) Best Bangladeshi Mobile Film

Documentary Film Section:
(25) Best International Documentary
(26) Best Bangladeshi Documentary

(27) Best Kids Filmmaker
(28) Best International Women filmmaker
(29) Best First-time Feature Filmmaker
(30) Best Real life Narrative
(31) Best Animation film

We provide Honorable mention and Special Mention more over 100, certificate only.

*** Classical non Competition film section has no Trophy, but we give only certificate.

Others Facilities:
(1) We provide appreciation certificate to every submitted film.
(2) We provide certificate to every selected Films.
(3) Short listed film are curating in some different international film festival.
(4) We are organizing a public screening in different country with pay (Only Selected very good film)
(5) International Theatre and OTT selling help by Cinemaking (
(6) Cinemaking will make a coproduction with some best filmmaker/producer (CIFF award wining)