About CIFF

About CIFF

Cinemaking International Film Festival- CIFF

Organized by Dhaka Festival 

Co-organizer Cinemaking 

Cinemaking International Film Festival is official starting in 2019 but the CIFF first edition was held on 24th to 26th December, 2020 at Dhaka in Bangladesh. More over 70 countries were submitted more over 400 films and 54 countries were are competition with 177 films.

Cinemaking International Film Festival is one of very gorgeous film festival in south Asia.

Second edition of Cinemaking International Film Festival 2021 will be held on 03rd January to 06th January, 2022 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than thousand of films were are summited. 121 Countries will participated with 600 films for 111 Awards.


Competition Section:

Asian Competition

Bangladesh Competition

European Competition

World Competition


Films Section:

Feature Films (Full Length)

Life Action Documentary

Fiction Film (Short Length)

Mobile Film (Perceptible)

Kids Filmmaker’s Film




Feature Film

Short Film



Awards List:

(1) Best World Film

(2) Best World Director

(3) Best Asian Film

(4) Best Asian Director

(5) Best European Film

(6) Best European Director

(7) Best Bangladeshi Film

(8) Best Bangladeshi Director

(9) Best Women Filmmaker

(10) Best Debut Feature Filmmaker

(11) Best Kids Filmmaker

(12) Best International Short Film

(13) Best International Mobile Film

(14) Best International Documentary

(15) Best Bangladeshi Short Film

(16) Best Bangladeshi Mobile Film

(17) Best Bangladeshi Documentary

(18) Best Real life Narrative (Audience)
(19) Best International classical film

(20) Best Bangladeshi classical film

(21) Best International Story

(22) Best International Screenplay

(23) Best International Cinematography

(24) Best International Arts

(25) Best International Makeup Artist

(26) Best International Sound

(27) Best International Editor

(28) Best International Singer (Male)

(29) Best International Singer (Female)

(30) Best International Actress

(31) Best International Actor

(32) Best International Supporting Actor

(33) Best International Supporting Actress

(34) Best International Social Message

(35) Best International Animation

(36) Best Bangladeshi Story

(37) Best Bangladeshi Screenplay

(38) Best Bangladeshi Cinematography

(39) Best Bangladeshi Arts

(40) Best Bangladeshi Makeup Artist

(41) Best Bangladeshi Sound

(42) Best Bangladeshi Editor

(43) Best Bangladeshi Singer (Male)

(44) Best Bangladeshi Singer (Female)

(45) Best Bangladeshi Actress

(46) Best Bangladeshi Actor

(47) Best Bangladeshi Supporting Actor

(48) Best Bangladeshi Supporting Actress

(49) Best Bangladeshi Social Message

(50) Best Bangladeshi Animation

Trophy + Certificate- Best Awards = 51

Certificate- Special Mention Awards= 61